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Looking for sophistication, sincerity, and a genuinely great time?

There’s nothing more natural than wanting simple, uncomplicated fun.

I get it. Really. You’re a great guy who just happens to have a lot on your plate. So it’s probably been a while since you got to kick back, unwind, and just enjoy the pleasure of a beautiful woman’s company… without a load of complications cropping up. You want someone special: someone you mesh with. Someone who blends effortless sophistication with girl-next-door sincerity. Someone who makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and totally at ease. In other words, you want to spend time with someone like me. And the good news? I’d really enjoy spending time with a discerning man like you too.

Interested? Getting in touch doesn’t have to feel awkward.

If making contact feels a little uncomfortable, remember: I’m just a normal girl who sincerely wants you to enjoy the experiences we share. And I can promise that the moment we connect, any awkwardness will disappear. I genuinely love my work, which means our time together will feel completely natural and comfortable.  My comfortable and cosy incall premises in Yeronga are central to the city and suburbs and easily accessed by car or public transport.

Want to find out more?

Learn more about me or contact me to make a booking. You’ll be VERY glad you did!

Elite Companion

Meet Ava

Hi there, I'm Ava, and it's a genuine pleasure to meet you.

I love that you’re curious about who I am: it’s a really good sign that we’ll get on wonderfully once we meet.

Here are the 5 things I most want you to know

  1. Honesty and sincerity are my most important values:
    I’m exactly who I say I am, and I revel in simply being myself. That means that when you’re with me, you get to be exactly who you are too… no judgment, no “should”s – just genuine connection, fun and mind-blowing pleasure.
  2. I know that when you first contact me, it might feel a bit awkward:
    It's normal to be a little unsure or uncomfortable, but one of my superpowers is making you feel completely at ease. After that, if you want to step into the driver’s seat… that suits me perfectly!
  3. I wouldn’t do this work unless I truly loved it:
    I learned early on that helping other people to relax and feel great makes me feel good. This is my way of giving back… and to do so feels like a privilege, not a “job”.
  4. On that note, I’m also a BIG believer in feedback loops:
    The more you’re enjoying our experiences together, and the more you let me know you’re enjoying it, the more pleasure and connection we feel together.
  5. It’s totally OK if you want something I don’t offer:
    (but it might mean I’m not the right girl for you): there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to bedroom delights. I know what I enjoy, and if I can’t offer what you’re after then someone else would probably be a better fit for you.

Want to know more? Just ask!

If you want to know anything I haven’t mentioned here, check out my Common Questions page. If I haven’t covered it there, please just bring it up when you contact me about your booking.



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Blue Eyes  /  Blonde Hair  /  30 y/o
179cm (5'11") Tall  /  60kg (132lbs)  /  C-cup Bra
University Level Education  /  English & Spanish Languages

Elite Companion


Which companionship experience is right for you?

I offer a variety of packages so you can find the one to best fit your needs. Choose between:

Sensual Experiences (incl. relief)

30 minute Exotic Relaxtion:  $150

A sensual body rub experience to leave you feeling relaxed and satisfied.

45 minute Exotic Relaxtion:  $200

A soothing body rub to work the stress and tension out of muscles, all with a sexy view!

Sensual Extras

Toy play (on you)  $100

Prostate play         $150


Deluxe Experiences

Half Hour Heaven Taste:  $250

You need a relaxing break and some no-strings-attached pleasure, but you’re just too busy to take anything more than a short window of time out.

One Hour Indulgence:  $350

A little bit of mood-setting and connection is a must before you “get down to business”, so you’re willing to take the extra time to make sure everything feels right.

Two Hour Tantaliser:  $700

Genuine intimacy with someone who totally gets you is just as important as carnal fun… and you’re not willing to settle for either/or. You’re looking for authentic companionship and connection to complement the bedroom delights.

Four Hour Full-on Escape:  $1,200

You want the ultimate in luxury service packages – the full-on, genuine “Girlfriend Experience”. You want deep, sincere intimacy along with mindblowing physical pleasure, and you’re willing to give yourself the time to enjoy it.

Extended Engagements

(Rate includes a minimum of 6 hours sleep)

Night Time Desire: 8 hours - $2500   |   15 hours - $4000

You are keen to make luxury last and appreciate the depth of connection that we can create during our extended time together. How we spend that time is up to you so do get in touch with me and we can start planning together!

Holiday Companion: From $8000 (48 hours)

You want to hit pause on the daily grind of reality and share a short trip away with someone who can help you create memories that can sustain you until you can get away again! Whatever your holiday idea is, be sure to contact me so we can plan the best trip to meet your needs.

Next Step...

After deciding on a package above, you can request a date from my contact page! If this will be our first time meeting, I also recommend looking over my FAQ page.


Answers to most commonly asked questions.

Still have questions? Just ask when you contact me.

 If your question isn’t answered here, please get in touch to ask me personally!

Where are you located?

My well-appointed and discreet incall premises are in Yeronga, the next suburb outbound from Woolloongabba.  It's around a 5 - 10 minute drive / cab ride from the CBD.

Are your services all legal?

Absolutely! All my services comply 100% with Queensland legislation, where private service providers are free to operate within the law, as long as they meet certain standards.

What can I do to make our time together as enjoyable as possible?

Every booking is unique, so specifics might vary, but there are three things you can’t go wrong with:

  • Good Communication:
    Be clear about what you want up front, and be decent and professional to me when you make your booking
  • Prompt Payment:
    Expect to get the payment logistics out of the way up front.
  • Good Hygiene:
    Don’t underestimate the power of good hygiene! The cleaner you are the dirtier we can get which is why all my bookings start with my client taking a shower.

I'm just not sure about seeing an escort (or if she'll want to see me). Help?

I totally understand: our culture makes the act of reaching out for simple, no-strings-attached fun and companionship seem unnecessarily awkward. I promise you though, once we actually connect, any unease will melt away (that is, after all, my superpower!)

What services do you actually offer?

Unfortunately, Queensland law makes it illegal for me to publicly list the specifics of my services. I’m more than happy to discuss them with you when you contact me for a booking though.

What if I want to see you outside of the hours you've listed?

To offer you the best possible experience when we’re together, and to genuinely enjoy my time with you, I need to maintain a solid work life balance. My work is an important part of who I am – but it’s only one part so please feel free to ask for a booking outside of my listed hours but don’t be offended if I can’t always accommodate these bookings.

How do you like to be touched during a booking?

Personally, I love being touched gently and respectfully. Slow, sensual stroking is probably the single most arousing thing you can do for me. There’s nothing inherently wrong with rougher play but for me, it’s a major moodkiller. If you’re not sure whether I’d welcome a particular kind of touch, it’s totally OK to ask me outright. Questions like “Does that pressure that feel OK?” or “Do you mind if I...?” are sexy!

Want to know more?

Just ask when you contact me! If you want to know anything I haven’t mentioned here, please just bring it up when you email or text me about your booking. Just click the button below so you can contact me now!

Elite Companion

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M-F: 10am-5pm 
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Want more detail about any of the packages?  Just ask!

 Queensland law means I can’t go into detail about the specific erotic services I offer; but if you want to know more, you’re very welcome to ask. Just choose one of the contact methods on this page to get in touch!

Once you've decided on a package, get in touch...

As soon as you figure out which package will work best for you, contact me via the secure booking form. When you do, let me know:

  1. When you’d like to meet:
    The date and time that would suit you best
  2. The package you’ve decided on:
    How long you’d like to book plus any questions or specific requests you have


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